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Got Bad Credit?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What we mean by this is it is okay to have bad credit, as a matter of fact you would be like 63% of all Albertan's according to a recent Finance Alberta study. With that being said we saw an opportunity to assist all Albertan's in finding the right financing for their vehicle purchase.

At Got Bad credit we pride ourselves in working the extra hours, spending the extra time with local bank programs to ensure we are finding every possible way to get you approved and driving in a new vehicle today!

Please take a couple of moments and have a look at our website http://gotbadcredit.ca we are old dogs in this credit world, but we are bringing new school philosophies to the market getting you driving everytime!

You can also keep up to date with our current sales flyer as seen in the Edmonton Sun today

Bad credit car loan
Let’s say you are in the market for an automobile. You’ll be required to make a hefty deposit on the bad credit car loan. I have heard of down payment requirements as high as $3,000 but that is not the only problem you face. Your rate of interest on a bad credit car loan may vary from 19% around the cheap to as high as 29% on top end. A high-mileage car or truck could end up costing you $400.00 or more monthly in monthly obligations. To minimize the damage from all of these high rates, I recommend you begin by calling several lenders. They often both sell and finance the product on the spot. If you can find one whose maximum interest rate is in the low twenties you might be in a position to save a substantial amount of interest payments. You must make sure though, they report your payment history to the credit agencies because this will help to raise your credit score provided you have to pay promptly.

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