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I Have Bad Credit! But It's Not My Fault

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 but it's not my fault!

That is a statement I hear on a daily basis. More times than not, it's never the persons fault who has bad credit. However once in a while I get to speak with a person who is not only honest with me, but honest with themselves. Let's go ahead and treat this like a 12 step program and guess what the first step is.... admitting you have a problem.

If you're truly serious about fixing and rebuilding your credit, you have accept blame whether it's truly your fault or not and start on the right path to rebuilding.

Despite what has happened with your credit, there is always a way to fix it. You have to remember that everyone's situation is different and their journey to rebuild will look different than their friend who they work with. My first piece of advice would be to STOP taking advice from your friends who also have bad credit. I promise you they have no idea what they're talking about. Without me going on a rant about this, in short.... be careful who you take advice from. Do not be convinced by the height of their logic only by the fruit on their tree.

Depending on what kind of issues you've had with your credit you can be back on your feet with traditional lending institutions getting prime rate loans within 6 months to 3 years. Sometimes its quick and painless and takes some minor adjustments, others have to dig down deep and spend some more time and money fixing the problem, but if you do it the wrong way it can and will take forever and you may never have good credit again.

Having bad credit is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to all kinds of people. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Police Officers... the list goes on and on. I have helped people repair their credit in almost every  profession you can think of.

Don't be afraid of it either, it's not that bad or that hard you just need some guidance and understanding. Continue to follow my blog or Contact Me if you have a certain question regarding credit.

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