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Taking Care Of Your Home – Lease Extension

Monday, January 27, 2014

If you love the new place you’ve rented a while ago, then you will probably aim to get a lease extension. This is a legal agreement which needs to be closed with the property’s owner. The terms of agreement should basically stipulate the dates on which the extension will begin and also cease to be effective. The document is set to prolong the original agreement between the two parties involved.

The two parts involved in the lease extension are the landlord and the tenant. The latter has the right to continue renting the property which is on the point to expire. A continuation of the renting contract should be based on a close study of the terms and the offer made. You may keep the same terms and conditions as specified in the original lease.

However, there might be things which you will want to change. The lessor may change some of the terms and conditions regarding terminating the lease agreement, if the leasing period changes from a yearly rental period to a month-to-month basis. Another thing to be carefully considered is whether you want to go on with an additional monthly payment. This could be implemented in the contract in case your home gets a rental increase of a pre-decided percentage of the overall monthly lease.

Please note that a lease extension often requires new documentation. Most people might think that an oral agreement is enough but this is not true. In case one of the parties seeks legal action, an oral agreement will not uphold in court. Also, make sure that both parties have signed the lease extension. The signatures will validate the document in question.

There are many people out there who need to know exactly how much they will spend when extending their lease. If this is your case as well, you should use a lease extension calculator. Such a handy tool can be easily found over the internet. You can use it to get a rough idea of how much your lease extension will sum up to.

Last but not least, you need to understand that extending the lease for the property currently rented requires experience. You need to be sure that you will pay a fair market price for the extension itself. The right person to negotiate with your landlord for this purpose is a solicitor. Don’t hesitate to ask for their help if you want the whole lease extension process to run smoothly.

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