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A Licensed Professional Counselor Can Help Others Overcome Addictions

Friday, February 7, 2014

A North Carolina licensed professional counselor might be just what you need in your family to help everyone overcome addictions, problems, and worries together. Help can come in the form of therapy.


There are many different types of addictions out there that can be easy to fall into, no matter who you are. These can include pornography, gambling, drinking, drugs, eating disorders, television shows or video games, shopping, and even hoarding. The real reason for the addiction often has nothing to do with what is actually happening with the addiction, but rather an undefined psychological need within a person’s life.

One young man lost his father when he was just a child. When his mother remarried, his new father was verbally abusive to him. Over time, he turned to pornography to help him cope with his emotional troubles. Though he thought it was just a simple attraction that did not harm him or others, with counseling, he realized it went deeper than that. He was acting out his frustration in a way that was actually harmful to his future relationships and his eventual marriage.

Many people find an escape from their troubles with addictions. For instance, drinking or drugs can take your mind off of your troubles for a brief time, as does eating or watching television. However, the addiction just creates a cycle of inner turmoil. Unless the real issues can be dealt with, the addiction will never go away.

Therapists Can Help

How does a North Carolina licensed professional counselor help victims of addiction? They spend time with their patients and get to know them better. They work with their patients to find out underlying issues that contribute to the addiction. Once they identify the troubles, they can talk about them and deal with them, thus helping the patient to overcome their addictive behaviors.

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