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Arbitrage Specialists Protect Against Mistakes And The Irs

Saturday, March 8, 2014

If you are involved in tax code and the idea of arbitrage, then you know all about how arbitrage works, what it is, and what it means for your business. Unfortunately, there are relatively few people who know what arbitrage is or what it means for their companies. In essence, arbitrage is what businesses pay on investments that earn money on interest when the original investment funds come from a place that is tax exempt. Whether or not a business is entitled to an arbitrage rebate depends on several factors.


Quite frankly, no one really understands tax law -- probably not even the IRS. Yet there are people who specialize in specific parts of the tax law. That means that if you are dealing with arbitrage and arbitrage rebates, you will want to hire someone who specializes in the arbitrage laws. Not only do they go to school for this type of specialization, but they also spend their days steeped in the work that it takes to understand the laws, the consequences, and the precedents related to arbitrage. It is all very exciting for people who like that kind of thing, but it will probably never be made into a TV series.


The IRS is scary. They are the ones who caught Al Capone. The rest of the United States law enforcement agencies could not get Capone for murder, racketeering, or violating prohibition laws, but the IRS got him on tax evasion. That is crazy. So you know the IRS is not an organization to mess with. Hiring an arbitrage rebate specialist will ensure that you have the best chance at following complicated laws and that you will be forgiven for any sort of mistake. As scary as the IRS is, they are not heartless. You will still have to pay fines for mistakes, but they will be more reasonable than Alcatraz.

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