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PI Insurance Explained

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an example of very good, quality contractor insurance, and its effects can be felt instantly from its cover. The policy itself protects a contractor should they make a mistake that leads to financial loss to another party. The reason that this would be costly to a contractor is because in these cases the party will no doubt file a negligence claim against the contractor that could then be very expensive. This is where such a policy would be effective as its vital protection would cover a contractor for all costs and fees in this case. In addition, having the insurance will bolster the perception that a contractor is in business on their own account, therefore aiding their IR35 position. Plus it will give clients the reassurance that there are sufficient resources to handle any recourse in the unlikely event of an alleged breach of duty, adding value to any tender.

Many contractors are still waiting lengthy periods of time before purchasing this insurance however, but it must be advised that this could have devastating effects. Professional Indemnity Insurance is highly necessary as soon as a contractor begins a contract, and with potential negligence claims of possibly millions of pound on the line, the small annual fee is no high cost.

Because of this it is advised that contractors instantly purchase the product, as by owning such a valuable cover you will gain complete peace of mind in these cases. Many contracts need Professional Indemnity Insurance to begin a contract, the policy being a necessary requirement thus highlighting the product's immediate importance.

PI Insurance remains one of the top forms of business insurance, and by far one of the most purchased forms of contractor insurance, and it isn't hard to see why when weighing up its benefits compared to its actual cost. There are many cases of contractors suffering ridiculously high losses of up to millions because of them not owning Professional Indemnity Insurance, and any contractor would back up its importance. The policy's simplicity remains one of its most commended features, as with simply a click of a button on your mouse, a year's total and full cover could be yours, for a low price that is very hard to miss.

One of the rather unknown selling points of Professional Indemnity Insurance is that the policy boosts a contractor's perception that they are in business on their own account, therefore aiding their IR35 position. This is obviously massively helpful to any self-employed professional as IR35 enquiries are becoming more and more relevant to contractors as the HMRC continue to clamp down on so called 'disguised employment'.

When looking at all contractor insurances, it becomes clear that Professional Indemnity Insurance really is an essential policy and cannot be overlooked by contractors and freelancers alike. With its many benefits, not only concerning a professional's protection, but also their IR35 related tax status, it is a vital policy and compared to its many advantages, can be purchased easily and cheaply.

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