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4 Ways You Can Keep Your Staff Motivated

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Any business or company owner is aware that one of the factors that lead to better individual performance, staff productivity and a pleasant work environment is employee motivation. But the question is always how to do it right. If you are having a hard time trying to get your staff fired up and a little more enthusiastic about a certain project or about their work as a whole, then you will find these pointers very useful.

Keep an Open Line of Communication. Communication is a very effective way of letting your employees that they are part of the company and that their opinions and suggestions really matter. It is human nature to feel motivated when they feel important and needed. Also, by taking the time to talk to your staff, you may even get some ideas that you have never thought about. More often than not, hearing ideas that are out of the box can give you an idea of how you should set the direction of your company.

Think about What Could Make Them Happy. Always looking for ways to motivate your workers may end up really tiresome on your part. You will do something and your workers get motivated for a while, but then you will have to think of another way to make them more productive again. Instead of always looking to motivate your employees, why not just try to keep them happy? There are many companies out there that actually pay just around the minimum wage, but can still get the best out of their staff. The secret is that the workers are happy. Make them feel taken care of by offering free meals or coffee and even holding an out-of-town event once a year where all their families can come together.

Share the Company’s Success with Your Employees. Profit sharing has always been a really powerful in keeping employee productivity and motivation. Experts say that profit sharing plans are meant to giving employees that feeling of being part of the success of the company. This is usually done by giving the workers unexpected bonuses for every deal made or project completed. Aside from the payroll, employees are surprised with cash bonuses or gift packages. By investing in this, you can rest assured that your workers will be inspired to work even harder and more productively.

Don’t Discourage Your Workers from Complaining. While most company owners are more likely to hire new workers than to keep those whiners in the company, some wise CEOs believe that there are still good things they can get out of their employees’ complaints. You can definitely encourage your staff to voice all their complaints by either talking to the HR head or even writing an anonymous letter to you. This is an excellent way of knowing what how your staff feel about your system and the company in general. It is also through this feedback that you can figure out which aspects of the company should be improved or changed. In the end, it will still be you who will benefit the most from this.

By: Cedric Loiselle

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